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一切从头开始 Head Start | What will the future holds for us?

I am glad that at least the Circuit Breaker is coming to an end soon. I'm jobless ever since so I don't "work from home". Home-Based Learning is a tough thing for me, really. I'm a father, I'm a photographer but I'm not a teacher or educator. It's not easy to get my little monster to keep still in front of the computer "Zooming" and going through those worksheets every day. Must really salute to all the teachers and educators out there! Sometimes I pity my little monster too. I think soon we'll become "zoombies".

As it is said if all goes well we can see 75% of Singapore's economy will resume normal operations. I have clients asking me when is it possible to do photoshoots again and my answer to them is 'I really don't know'. All I can do for them is apply for the Exemption from Suspension of Activities and pray hard for a positive reply. Then it also got me thinking, this is like the worst time ever for me but what about my clients and peers who are in the entertainment and theatre business? They'll be like the last to reopen as they are considered non-essential. Even when the government allowed, it won't be so easy for them. Their shows are usually planned for many months if not years ahead. They have to engage the best team for the show - actors, producers, directors, set designers, costume designers, lighting designers, choreographers, the list goes on. Not to forget after getting the best team, they also need lots of time to rehearse. 台上一分钟, 台下十年功 (one minute on stage, ten years off stage) this is so true. Lots of things going on backstage in order to put up a good show. I know because I have been shooting production shots for the Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) for many years and also countless opening galas for Wild Rice.

Wild Rice @ Funan Grand Opening Gala in 2019 (photo by me)

But while they are going through this worst crisis ever, they are still finding ways to do what they are best at doing - to entertain, inspire and lift our spirits. And the best of all, it's FREE now! Go check out their website or Facebook if you haven't and you'll know what I mean.

I took these young actors headshots for The Young Company of SRT. They were the graduating cohorts of 2018 and 2019. I want to wish all of them success in whichever the path they have chosen.

Iris Li

Amalia Thoumire

Jocelyn Tedja

Louisa Vilinne

Shaik Nazray

M. Shankari

Nicholas Papayoanou

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